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EPA Certified for Packaging Pesticides
EPA Certified
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Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Toll Blends Adhesives, Lubricants & Personal care products and more…

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. toll blending services include adhesives, lubricants & personal care products including creams, powders & hair shampoos. We are able to ensure client confidentially by keeping formulas safeguarded. We offer a full range of custom formula toll blending services.

Our Toll Blending Services include:

  • Custom Formula blending – With complete confidentiality, your formula is safe with us. We do not develop products of our own therefore we do not compete against our clients in the marketplace.
  • Ingredient Sourcing – We can source your ingredients locally making this a cost effective solution for our clients since we can pass on the cost savings.
  • Flammable Product Blending – This service is also available in drum batch size (55 gallons max volume). This service is available only in a 55 gallon batch size.
  • Hot & Cold Compound Mixing – Tanks are connected directly to the filling lines making this a cost effective filling solution. We can blend products up to 250 F.
  • Two Phase Blending – We can blend two distinctive compounds in separate tanks and blend/combine them together to produce a final product.
  • Deionized (D.I.) Water or Filtered Tap Water – Deionized water allows products to be as pure and potent as possible. For a more cost effective solution we do offer our clients the option to used filtered tap water if desired.
  • Accurate mixing of formula - Our mixing tanks are all on scales for accurate formula blending by weight or liquid measure.
 Toll Blending
Toll Blending
Toll Blending