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EPA Certified for Packaging Pesticides
EPA Certified
for Packaging

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Liquid & Semi-Solid Filling Services include bottles, jars, cans, collapsible metal & plastic tubes, cartridges and more…

We fill all types of products including lubricants, cleaners, house hold (dishwashing detergents, cleaners and deodorizers) and specialty products.  We fill bottles, cans, jars and tubs. Front/back and full wrap labeling. We recommend induction seals (foil seals to prevent leakage), we use vented seals to prevent paneling, aka sucked in bottles / deterioration and eventual collapse of the walls on a plastic container). We perform multistage operations in line, for instance powder with liquid filling, patches with liquid two separate ingredients fills in the same bottle or container.

Our Liquid & Semi-Solid Filling Services include:

Filling Services
  • Liquid & Semi-Solid (Grease / Paste) filling of Bottles, Jugs and Cans
  • We fill containers including glass and plastic bottles cans, jars and tubs in .5oz – 1 gal sizes
  • Filling by volumetric, pressure, or gravity
  • Automatic capping and induction foil seal (sealing)
  • Automatic Labeling front, back & full wrap with 8" labeling heads
  • Automatic code dating to ensure product traceability
  • Palletizing using GMA, heat treated or plastic pallets for shipping overseas
  • Automatic stretch wrapping to ensure your product arrives safely upon delivery
  • Private Labeling Services
  • Tamper Evident Foil Seals

Example of products we have packaged:

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Liquid Filling
Liquid Filling
  Semi-Solid Filling
Semi-Solid Filling
  Grease Filling
Grease Filling
  Paste Filling
Paste Filling
  • Compressor oils
  • Pneumatic Tool lubricants
  • Penetrating fluids
  • Rust Preventives
  • Tapping fluids
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Specialty products such as cleaners, deodorizers, and more…