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EPA Certified for Packaging Pesticides
EPA Certified
for Packaging

About Bernard Laboratories, Inc.

  • Global company
  • Serving wide range of industries including: Adhesives, Automotive, OEM Product, Oil & Petroleum Product
  • Founded 1948

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Company History

Boyd Piper, Sr. and Bernard Hains founded Bernard Laboratories on June 6, 1948. They began filling small glass bottles of perfume and expanded into filling cans and collapsible tubes. Boyd Piper, Sr. purchased Bernard in 1960, and in 1962 moved the company from Camp Washington to the Over the Rhine section of Cincinnati where the company continued to prosper.

In 1984, under the leadership of Boyd Piper, Jr. the company moved to the Northside suburb of Cincinnati. Today, Bernard Laboratories offers blending and packaging services to customers throughout the world. Our reputation for delivering competitively priced, high quality products continues to grow.

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Mission Statement

To meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. To become an invaluable resource to them by developing a partnership in which we work hand-in-hand assisting them to reach and exceed their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. By going that "one" step beyond what is expected of a supplier we hope to "grow" with our customers.

Bernard Laboratories, Inc.
Bernard Laboratories, Inc.

Bernard Laboratories strives to achieve excellence in the quality of their products, services, business relationships and working environment. Achieving these goals will ensure success in the marketplace and result in an acceptable return on our investment. A work environment geared toward mutual trust, individual respect, open communications and a spirit of cooperation is vigorously promoted. Bernard Laboratories encourages its employees to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Turn-Key Packaging Solutions

  • Formulation, Compounding, Blending, Filling
  • Induction Sealing
  • Packaging, Private Labeling (in-line), Decoration
  • Hand Assembly, Automatic Carton Filling
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Product Displays
  • Direct Mail & Commercial

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Contract Packaging Services for:

  • Lotions, Polishes, Creams, and Paste.
  • Adhesives, Lubricants, Sealants, Epoxies, Caulking, and Fillers.
  • Silicones, Powders, and Granules.
  • Urethanes, Chemicals, Detergents, Cleaners, Oils, and Greases.
  • Liquids (thin to very viscous).

Bernard Laboratories, Inc. Industries Served/Applications:

  • Automotive Aftermarket Products & OEM Accounts
  • Rust Preventives (gun oil & protectant)
  • Household Goods (dishwashing detergents)
  • Petroleum Products (i.e. sewing machine, electric motor, tapping fluids, penetrating fluids, pneumatic tool lubricants, and compressor oils).